Are you an unofficial Moxie Ambassador? From group-ride participants to Ironman finishers, our official Moxie Cycling Ambassadors are inspirational female cyclists of all abilities and disciplines who spread the Moxie Cycling word and empower women and girls through cycle. We're currently a team of 30 - see our Ambassador page for bios - and we're expanding our 2017 team in existing markets and adding new ones!

Our application deadline to be considered for our 2017 program has passed, but please apply for our future teams if you're interested in joining our team of ladies of all cycling abilities! We will be in touch if there is an opening in your market. Ambassadors are eligible for complimentary product, exclusive industry discounts, complimentary race entries, event sponsorships, and previews of upcoming collections.

Ambassador Application

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* Tell us about yourself. How did you become a cyclist? What keeps you motivated?
* What's your next challenge? (in cycling or life)
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What is your favorite bike shop? Why does it earn the ranking as your favorite?
* What races/events do you participate in? Please include organized races, events and rides only.
* Please explain your training regimen. If you lead group rides, please include that here.
* Why do you think you'd make a great Moxie Cycling ambassador?
* What other sports do you participate in?

Please check the box if you have interest in setting up a Moxie traveling boutique at events in your area.
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Thank you! We will be in touch when there is an opening in your market!